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Activate Google Cloud Console

Create your Cloud account and add a form of billing to get started. You will likely receive $300 in credit when you activate your account.


Use your credit card or use to create a temporary debit card. You will be using the free tier for this VPN so won’t get charged.

Install OpenVPN

Select the link above and log in with your google account.

Select Launch to create a new Server. A normal small server is the free tier.

You can leave the default settings, or change the location of the server if you would like to appear from a different location to web services.

Select Deploy

Configure OpenVPN

Use the credintials provided to log in to the OpenVPN Admin Dashboard.

  1. Go to the Top Left menu button
  2. Select VPN Settings
    1. Select Yes on “Should client internet be routed through the VPN?”
  3. Select User Managment
    1. Add User
    2. Edit Password


Download the OpenVPN App on your “client” PC or mobile device.


Sign in with your username and password, and the google cloud IP address provided to your OpenVPN server. (The number portion of the OpenVPN Admin Dashboard)